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Glorifying and Evangelizing Through Music 


Yesterday November 8 2014. ETM Choir participated inauguration of Aline Vyuka's "Salama Album". CD are available at Rock Island for just 10 dollars. It was a wonderful day with different Burundian Artist and Choirs. We had a lot of Artist from out of state and their songs was very wonderful and caring. Once again please buy the CD because is a very wonderful gospel songs for the world. 

ETM CHOIR Mafundi Album is coming soon!!

We are selling a full movie part 1 &  2 just for 20 dollars. If you are willing to  buy one please click the number below or follow by this link Agahebuza

Samson Kwizera (309) 292 4403   Kayago Leonidas (309) 269 1533

August 23/ 214

ETM Choir was performing their songs and videos at Martin Luther King Center In Rock Island IL

August 01/ 2014

ETM Choir Birth Day, turned 4 years now.

August 23/ 2014

Celebration Day at C.I.R Church 11:00am To 6:00pm

Welcome to join with us we will be happy to assist 

September 2014

ETM Choir is working hard to get their CD done by the end of this month 

August 8/ 2014

ETM Choir is traveling to perform their songs at.......

Calvary International Revival Church

Heritage Church is honored to be leading a coalition of Quad City churches to help renovate the Calvary International Revival Church.  Last April, the Calvary Church building was condemned due to the damage sustained from heavy rains.  It has been a great testimony to see a number of churches come together to raise the needed funds to renovate their building.

We want to celebrate the generosity of the people of Heritage Church towards the Calvary International Revival Church Project.  To date, Heritage Church has donated over $142,000 towards this project.  Because of the generous giving to Faith Promise, an initial amount of $20,000 was able to be given from our Faith Promise fund.  Then over the past few weeks, the people of Heritage Church have given over $122,000 towards this project!

With the combined donations from the Coalition of Churches, we have already exceeded our goal of $200,000 for Calvary International Revival Church with other churches still planning to give!  Great progress has already been made on the building with a goal of having Calvary celebrate Christmas services in their newly renovated building.

Calvary International Revival Church has progressed much since our fundraising to rebuild this local partner in 2013. With your help, Calvary will soon open its doors once again and welcome its parishioners to their new house of worship. Have a look at how their house of worship and your fund raising efforts have progressed:

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