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Glorifying and Evangelizing Through Music 

All the members of Evangelism Through Music Choir

Bukuru Pascazia:

Pascazia she is happily married with children, her family are servant of God and they both like to sing. She is glad to be in this choir. Her favorite verse is (Psalm 100:. Read the whole chapter you will understand it, thank you.

Niyera Ninette

Dolly is one of the singers in E.T.M Choir. She is a jubilant young lady who is extraordinary in her own ways. Dolly loves operating in God's work. "My goal is always to be closer with God", says Dolly. Dolly is working on being a good employee in God's company. 

Alice Maombi:

Alice loves singing, dancing, praising, and worshiping our Glory Father in Heaven. She joined E.T.M Choir back in 2012 until Now she still Praising and worshiping our Glory Father in Heaven. She is a Lovable person and she is also patients a lot of times, She's always smiling, you can't tell either she is mad or not. The coolest thing about her is she don't hide herself she always show who she really is most of the time....She loves people, she doesn't  hate anyone. Working for God it's her favorite thing to do. She is a person who loves praying a lot. When she stand before God at the end of her life, She is hoping that she would not have a single bit of talent left, she could say that she used all of her talent to everything Lord has gave her.

Esterine Habonimana

Esterine is happy person, she is good singer and a good dancer. She loves God, worship, praise, and singing for him. Esterine loves ETM Choir so much because of the advice Choir Master gave to her, she learned a lot from this choir . She have known God very well. She is very happy to be a member of this choir, She been in this choir since when she was 12 years old until now. She is excited and appreciate for all the good things that happened 

Jeanine Nizigama

She is always happy and enjoy to be a part of ETM Choir. She also show a serious face, you can never tell if she's mad or not. Jeanine is a creative girl. She understands the joy of Gospel songs and the power of being with god while she is singing. She is a girl who can never give up on this group no matter what kind consequences. she is always strong and ready to face the devil. 

Pendo Belise

She is Attending  at Rock Island High School. She thank God that she've come this far in her life. She enjoy lifting the name of Jesus high and dancing for his glory. She loves Choir and everybody.





Obeid Majaliwa

Obeid is one of the member in this choir and his also one of the leaders "treasure". He loves to sing and praise, and worship. his friendly to everyone no matter who you are. his goal it to work for God to finish the journey.  Obeid believes that life is a great gift and we should enjoy every second of it. Other people would describe him as a reliable, easy going ,happy and self-confident young man. Also, believes that sense of humor is always priceless trait that guides you through obstacles. He easily adapt to good life situations and always thinks that a glass is full.

Vincent Ndikubwayo:

ETM's member. Vincent is active in planning with the choir. He is attending college classes at Iowa Central Community College. He loves to work with people but he never trust anyone completely but God. Vincent is Calm and Respectful, He loves God and he also loves to work for him. He have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it. Vincent is a God-fearing man who worship with his heart and with his life. He made a decision when he received Jesus as his savior that he was going to be who God made him to be not try to be who he want to be. Whatever he will become will be what God has chosen for him. Vincent loves to read and sing. He is a great dancer and loves all the members in ETM Choir. He works hard and plans to be a director soon.

Bucumi Emmanuel:

He graduated Rock Island high school in 2014. He loves our God, and he loves worshiping him. This young man would do anything he could to protect God's words, He's trying his best he could to grow in christ. He always try to do the right thing but   trials are always in front of him, He loves ETM Choir, and he loves all the members in it. His patient, kind, friendly to everyone.

Abdias Nzisabira:

This Young man is quiet and kind. He graduated from Rock Island High School in 2012 and now attending Black Hawk College. He likes traveling in different states. You will find him in purple clothes because his favorite color is purple. He loves God and he likes to ỳuy work for him. He also likes to sing for God and dance.

Bonane Nyandwi

Bonane is a servant of god  he really love doing the lords work and His extremely happy because God changed him to a better person. He want God to be with him now until Jesus comes back.. Bonane Like to pray and to worship him. He really loves God so much and he also know that God loves him back.

John Munyeshaka

John, he is a handsome young man who loves God. You will often see John helping others. John  loves to give advice to people who need it. He Has Communication Skills, he Love to Communicate with everyone, He is nice and friendly. He also likes to do God's work. John Love God More then Anything. 

Eric Mugisha



Claude Wizeyimana

He loves singing, and dancing is his passion and his so glad to be in etm choir, because it has taught me a lot and it made him to a nice christian and he thank god that he still in it. he hopes that God will bring more young people to his presents. Claude his talented singer, his the youngest member in etm choir and he feels peace when his in the choir.

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